HF2IS-MF Multi-frequency

The HF2IS-MF multi-frequency option impressively extends the capabilities of your HF2 Impedance Spectroscope, by adding 4 additional demodulators and a wide range of configuration options. This greatly improves the flexibility of the instrument and as a result greatly enlarges the research horizon of scientists. The aim of this capability is to replace a great number of instruments with only one. Zurich Instruments is the only hardware vendor who has mastered this feature.

HF2IS-MF Key Features 

  • 4 additional demodulators
  • 4 additional numerical oscillators
  • Signal input switch matrix for all 8 demodulators
  • Extended ziControl graphical user interface
  • Option upgradeable in the field

In the case of the HF2IS, the multi-frequency option provides the capability of measuring 4 additional frequencies on any of the input signals, thus providing a total of 8 frequencies. The input switch matrix allows the possibility to choose the assignment between the input channel and any of the available demodulators/frequencies. This enables many possible usage combinations. The graphical user interface of the basic HF2IS is extended according to the increased capabilities of the instrument.

HF2IS-MF Applications

  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Single-cell bio-impedance measurement
  • Electrochemical impedance analysis
  • Droplet microfluidics

HF2IS-MF Functional Diagram

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