MF-IA 阻抗分析仪

MF-IA是针对MFLI锁相放大器的升级选件。它提供完整的数字阻抗分析仪及精密LCR仪功能,在DC至500kHz/5MHz频率范围内树立了新的业内标杆。安装MF-IA选件后,阻抗测试的基本精度可达0.05%,测量范围为1 mΩ 至 1 TΩ,并且具有极高的测量重复性以及低的温漂。

MF-IA Key Features

  • DC to 500 kHz / 5 MHz, 1 mΩ to 1 TΩ,
  • 0.05% basic accuracy at a rate of 20 ms per data point
  • LabOne Sweeper for frequency, bias voltage, and test signal amplitude response measurements
  • Compensation Advisor and Confidence Indicator for accurate measurements
  • 25 s start-up time and high repeatability
  • LabOne APIs for C, MATLAB®, LabVIEW®, Python

MF-IA Applications

  • Life Sciences: Tissue impedance analysis, Single cell impedance spectroscopy (multi-frequency)
  • Electrochemistry: Batteries, Fuel cells, Corrosion
  • Electrical Engineering: Semiconductor wafer structures, Solar Cells, LED and LCD testing
  • Material Research: Quantum transport, Ceramics / Composites, Nanostructure characterization
  • Others: Scanning Capacitance Microscopy, Food reserach, MEMS sensors

MF-IA Upgrade and Compatibility

  • All MFLI instruments with a serial high than DEV3200 can be upgraded in the field. Customers with earlier versions are kindly requested to get in touch with our customer support.
  • The MF-IA option is compatible with all other MF options.

MF-IA Detailed description

The MFIA product page provides a detailed description of the MF-IA upgrade option including

MF-IA Upgrade Option Q & A

Are there different hardware configurations available?
No, all MF series instruments are based on the same hardware. Variations are firmware and software based and can be upgraded at any time later in the field. All options are compatible with each other.
Do I need a PC to run the instrument?
The MFIA has an embedded web server and can be connected to a local network where it can be accessed from any web browser by opening the address "http://mf-dev3XXX".
Does the MFIA achieve 0.05% accuracy over the entire frequency and measurement range?
No. Please see the reactance chart for a detailed specification of accuracy over the entire ranges.
How does the MFIA impedance analyzer relate to the MFLI lock-in amplifier?
The MFIA impedance analyzer and the MFLI lock-in amplifier with the MF-IA option installed are technically the same instruments. The only difference is the front panels and the organization of the user interface (e.g. ordering of the application icons).

Feature overview

The following table gives a quick overview of the main features affected by the MF-MD option and the MF-IA option. 






Simultaneous demodulation of
current input and voltage input
Number of oscillators 1 1 4 4
Number of demodulators 1 2 4 4
Number of impedance units 0 1 0 2
Number of external references 1 1 2 2

The listed features are independent of the frequency range and other options installed on the instrument.

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