Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)     Advanced scanning probe and imaging application supported in the categories STM, SNOM, AFM
Quantum & Nanophysics   Mesoscopic systems, Spintronics, Carbon nanotubes, Quantum computing: trapped ion, quantum dots, circuit QED, 3k Characterization, MCBJ
Photonics     Pump & probe microscopy, THz spectroscopy, Phase domain fluorometry, Non-linear optical microscopy, Coherent Raman microscopy (CARS, SRS), Frequency combs, Time & frequency, Tandem demodulation
Sensors & Actuators     Oscillators and resonators, MEMS control, NEMS control, Gyroscopes, Transducers
Engineering & Semiconductors   Demodulation, Chip characterization, Solar cells, Impedance analysis, RADAR, LIDAR
Bioengineering & Med-technology         Microfluidics / Single-cell Detection / Cell Sorting, Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), Electrical impedance tomography (EIT), Cell counting, Cell analysis, Droplet manipulation, Single cell printing
Electrochemistry           Multi-frequency potentiostat
Others   Non-destructive material testing (NDT), Impedance measurement, Ultrasound, Radiation detection, Bolometers, Nuclear & particle physics, Light sources, Beam position monitor, Long term drift compensation

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